• Clyvie Delpech

    Clyvie Delpech

  • Paula Wallace

    Paula Wallace

    Designer. Author. President and Founder of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) || http://scad.edu || http://instagram.com/paulaswallace

  • Stef Roelings

    Stef Roelings

    Design student stefroelings.nl

  • Danielle McCoy

    Danielle McCoy

  • Estefania Lecab

    Estefania Lecab

    Organizational Psychologist emerging from internal dialogues…Scuba Diver ▽ & Divergent Thinking ☤

  • Kavya Narayana

    Kavya Narayana

  • Catherine Mouttet

    Catherine Mouttet

    I am a creative director, strategist and art maker. I work with photo, film, copy and UI/UX to craft thoughtful, empathetic approaches to brand storytelling

  • Erina Tandy

    Erina Tandy

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